The 13th African Small Mammal Symposium (ASMS)

September 16-21, 2019

Mekelle University, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

Scientific program

Scientific program

The program includes oral and poster presentations concerning biology of African small mammals (rodents, insectivores, bats, afrotherians, small carnivores and primates). The oral presentations are organized into blocks covering wide range of scientific topics, e.g. pest management, systematics, phylogeography and evolutionary biology, disease ecology and epidemiology, ecology, conservation, etc. Poster presentations will be available during the whole conference.

Final program of the conference here

Abstract book is here

A special issue of Journal of Vertebrate Biology (formerly Folia Zoologica) focused on African small mammals will be published in 2020 and authors presenting at 13th ASMS are invited to submit papers to this issue. The deadline for submission is 31st of December, 2019. If you are interested in this publication, please contact

Supporting materials (e.g. PDF of papers, etc.):

Bryja J., Šumbera R., Meheretu Y., Lavrenchenko L.A.: Annotated checklist, taxonomy and distribution of rodents in Ethiopia

Craig E.W., Kerbis Peterhans J.C., Bryja J., Meheretu Y.: The highly endemic small mammal diversity of Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia: New species and shifting ranges

Pareyn M., Kochora A., Van Rooy L., Eligo N., Vanden Broecke B., Leirs H., Massebo F.: Small mammals and cutaneous leishmaniasis in southern Ethiopia

Van de Perre F., Willig M., Presley S., Mukinzi J.C.I., Gambalemoke S.M., Leirs H., Verheyen E.: Vertebrate diversity patterns in the Congo Basin rainforests