The 13th African Small Mammal Symposium (ASMS)

September 16-21, 2019

Mekelle University, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

Social program

Social program

The social program will include the welcome party, mid-conference excursion, banquet and post-conference trips to most interesting parts of Ethiopia (the latter are not covered by the registration fees). The lunch time and coffee breaks every day will also provide enough time for informal meetings and discussions.

Mid-conference excursion

Mid-conference excursion is included in the conference fee. Please select one of the options listed below and write your preference by e-mail to our colleague Selamawit Girmay (+251 914729898, e-mail:

1. Excursion to the Gheralta mountains and rock-hewn churches

See more details here.

  • Suitable for every person. There is about 2 hours trekking option for those interested.

2. Short trekking to Zeyi cave (Abune Aregawi church cave) and cave bat sampling

  • Requires about 2 hours walking in a challenging trail. Women are unfortunately not allowed to inter the cave due to religious reasons. We do not advise women to register for this option unless they want to take part on the trekking and watch the church from outside

3. Abraha Atsbeha and Cherkos rock hewn churches

Visit of churches during the day and sampling of rodents and bats in Gudbahri river near Wukro town in the evening. See more details here.

  • Suitable for every person.

4. Drive through the Ethiopian mountains (Southern Tigray)

Spectacular views of the Ethiopian highland landscape, Lake Hashenge, beautiful small-scale farm fields, viewing the Great Ethiopia Rift Valley from the mountain top, …

  • Suitable for every person.

Post-conference trips

Post-conference excursions for small groups of participants (max. 12 persons) will be organized in collaboration with the professional tourist company. If you are interested in some of the options below, please contact our colleague Selamawit Girmay (+251 914729898, e-mail:, who will record your choice and will help you with further processing of the trips.

1. Bale Mountains National Park

  • see the program and price here

2. Semien Mountains National Park and Lalibela churches

  • see the program and price here

3. Afar and Danakil depression

  • see the program and price here

4. Abohoy Gara Mountains

  • this represents “low-cost” trip (price be specified soon) to Afroalpine habitats of Abohoy Gara Mountains with birdwatching, rodent capturing, etc. …
  • camping near the field station of the Mekelle University (cca 3800 m a.s.l.) and trekking is expected
  • more details here